Saturday, June 09, 2007

The Vaccine Clinic

"The Vaccine Clinic"
oil on canvas
Stella Violano

This has been a painting in the works for nearly a year. Sometimes
I tend to move toward whimsy and this is a great example of letting my imagination go wandering. At the desk we have Nurse Sow signing in. Beside her- and looking very nervous, is a monkey who seems to be having second thoughts on having his vaccinations.

In the chair we have Mrs. Kitty and her two twin boys who have lost a ball of yarn. Old Padre Setter is reading the newspaper.

In the exam room Dr. G. Shepard is examining Mrs. Ewe.

When available for sale 20% of the proceeds from this painting will benefit the Rocky Mountain Regional Humane Society of the United States.

Please remember to Vaccinate your Pet!

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apryl said...

Oh this painting brings back a lot of laughs and memories from all the trips my family made to the vet. I love all the different animals. I really like this painting.