Sunday, December 12, 2004

Walt and Disney- A Love Story

December, September 2004 & January 2005

WALT AND DISNEY-Save the Dalmatians and Others Rescue

December 2004

"A Good Girl and Boy "

8" x 10"


Christmas Eve brought Walt and Disney one of their favorite visitors!

Saint Nick happily greeted his friends. He had brought them treats

since they have been such good dogs!

He lovingly pets them and says:

"Hello my friends! Perhaps next year when I visit

you will finally be in the new home you dream of"

Walt and Disney are two beautiful senior Dalmatians who were in a loving home until

their owner passed away. Then they were dumped in the Los Angles County Animal Shelter

and left to their fate.

They were then rescued by Save the Dalmatians and Others Canine Rescue CLICK HERE TO SEE THEM!

They have been in rescue for nearly a year and space is so desperately needed- please consider adopting a senior pet. They are housebroken, mellow and will worship you!

They are still in desperate need of a loving home where they can be with a family to adore.


"Please Come Home"- September 2004


"1905" January 2005


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