Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Pepper- an Old Retriever

November 2004

PEPPER- Los Angeles County Animal Shelter

"A Place To Run Free "

8 x 10"


A Gallery Painting of a Special Dog...

They say every painting has a story to tell- and this one is the story of Pepper- and the story is true.

I painted Pepper out on a carefree walk, but the truth is that this painting is a wishful dream for a wonderful Labrador Retriever.

Pepper lived happily with her loving owner. For many years she was his loyal friend and companion.

So loved and so cared for that she never had a care in the world.

As she entered her golden years she did not age as so many Labs do- in fact she often fooled people into thinking she was only 5 or 6.

Then one day her loving owner tearfully brought her to a strange place full of other dogs barking rudely. He wrote a note telling all who

would see her what a great dog she was and how healthy and vibrant she was for a senior dog- and that he had to move to a place where

pets were not allowed.

He embraced her one last time- and left...

Pepper waited for his return.

When he did not come she began looking longingly at every person willing to make eye contact- her eyes saying

"Please give me a chance- I will adore you forever! I will not misbehave or chew- Please don't leave me here"

She is quiet, great natured, young in spirit, healthy and desperately wants the chance to be in a warm home again.

Pepper has found a forever home!

Thank you to the volunteers at the Agoura Animal Shelter.


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