Friday, February 18, 2011

What was on the easel.. A gift for Ryan.

"Ryan's Desk"
Oil on Stretched Linen
11" x 14"
Sometimes you meet people in life who are just plain awesome.  Such is the case with Ryan who has helped me with everything technical from iPhone, web site creation, php and ssd drives. He has helped with Art Helping Animals technical stuff and even assembled my newest computer.

This painting is a thank you to a person who does not take money from friends. It depicts his favorite things:  a black cat that was a favorite pet, a bottle of Old English beer, a chinchilla and an electronic robot mouse that follows a beam of light. (a kit he recommended for our daughter that was a big hit) The cheese and crackers are a favorite snack and the chinchilla has already raided them.

So what is on the easel now?
I am painting weenies. :D

Catch you all again in a few days. In the meantime feel free to comment below.

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