Saturday, November 18, 2006

Answering Questions

"The Artist's Taboret"
9" x 12"
Available through the Harbor Village Art Gallery
After getting a few emails on the topic of "The Taboret" I thought I should
clarify the inspiration and contents of the painting.

This painting was a late night exercise done using still life objects in my studio. The dog skeleton is a veterinary model which I study when changing the pose of a subject. It is not a real skeleton and no dog was harmed by my possession of this useful tool. I also have a full size medical human skeleton which nobody has questioned *grin*

The glass ball is an antique glass Japanese fishing float and the african violet is one of my favorites but I regret I cannot tell anyone the variety as it was an impulse purchase made on a gloomy day as I left the supermarket.

Hope this has helped set some minds at ease.
I have four more paintings nearing completion and will be posting again tonight.

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