Saturday, November 12, 2005

Birgit the Senior Butterfly Dal

"Butterfly Dalmatian"
8" x 10"
oil on Linen

Bridget and her sister Diedre are two senior dalmatians who were found wandering
city streets and ended up in a city shelter. It is not known why
they were not claimed- they are both sweet and beautiful Dals.

They were saved from certain death by Save the Dalmatians and Others Canine Rescue

A bee attracted to the flower garland :)

Dierdre and Bridget need a forever home. They love each other and play like puppies
together, are great on leash and are elegible for the Save the Dalmatians
Dollar a Day Foster Care program

Can you imagine having two loving companions and being paid a dollar a day to get all
that love and affection? Not only that but all Veterinary expenses are covered by Save the Dals too!

Another bee is interested...

Please see pictures of Diedre and Bridget on the Save the Dals Website!

Stella Violano

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