Thursday, May 12, 2005

Sadie- a Senior with unforgettable eyes

Sadie is one of those Dals with dark eyes that can see the depths of the human soul.

Here is her painting-
"Please Let me Love you!"
Oil on linen
5" x 7"

She is a lucky gal- she ended up in a high-kill animal shelter and was labeled as
a 2 year old Dalmatian.

Closer examination showed her to be in fact a senior! When she greets you she is so happy that
her tail spins like a helicopter and she does a happy dance for treats.
But it is her expression- the loving demeanor that immediately captures the heart and makes you wish you had room for yet one more homeless creature in your home.

She was rescued in the nick of time by Save the Dalmatians and Others Canine rescue.
And she resides there in hopes of finding a master to adore.

I painted her while moving to a larger studio. Using any time I could get
I would work the linen- chosing my colors carefully and being certain not to lose the
"Please Let me Love You" look from her face.

Sadie is hoping to find the love she seeks

I have just learned that a wonderful woman is flying down just to see her this weekend!

Dreams may just come true! I will keep you all posted!

Indeed- Sadie has beat all the odds and has found a soul- mate and loving master to adore!

Stella Violano

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