Monday, February 14, 2005

Captain Jack- the Pirate Dog

February 2005

JACK- Los Angeles County Animal Control

"Captain Jack "


A Painting of a Very Special Dog...

They say every painting has a story to tell- and this one is the story of Jack- and the story is true.

Jack lived in poor conditions with three other sweet and loving pit-bulls.

At some point in his short life he broke his front leg badly. His owners cared enough at that time to take him in to a Veterinarian and have his leg re-set with a metal plate and screws. Unfortunately his treatment and that of his fellow dogs spiraled downward from there.

As his leg was healing it was again horribly shattered. For reasons unknown his owners no longer felt he deserved to be given veterinary care. Without the humane veterinary care he needed his painfully twisted leg fused as his body attempted to heal itself. His suffering was compounded when infection later set in.

To make matters worse he and his fellow dogs became malnourished as meals became scarce- they all quickly lost weight but through all the neglect they still loved people unconditionally.

Some weeks later Animal Control was alerted to the condition of the four dogs and immediatly impounded them- taking them to the Los Angeles County Animal Shelter in Agoura Hills where they were fed and given preliminary medical care. Jack is now comfortable and on antibiotics.

His roomates were soon adopted but Jack's leg is too badly damaged to repair. He desperately needs surgery to amputate his leg so that he can lead a normal life and hopefully be adopted out like his fellow roomates were.

To credit his sweet and loving nature- shortly after his rescue he went to a special Christmas Adoption Clinic and gave out kisses to anyone willing to pay him attention.

He really is a special boy who deserves a chance.

Please consider helping him via donation or bidding on his painting when it is offered for auction.

Thank you for caring!

Please Consider Visiting him or donating to his urgently needed surgery.

He is at the Agoura Hills Animal Shelter in Agoura CA - his impound number is A3263298

The shelter is located at:

29525 Agoura Rd.

Agoura, CA 91301

(818) 991-0071

If you wish to inquire about Jack or his painting please e-mail me.

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