Friday, June 01, 2012

New Violano Painting: Say Cheese- Curious Mice for Old Dog Haven

"Say Cheese!"
SM Violano
Oil on archival board

8" x 8"

There is a cabin in upstate New York that was built in the 1700's. It belonged to the family of a famous American writer in the 1800's and has been in the family of a good friend for a few generations now. He and his friends will often go to the cabin and enjoy living a simple life without electricity and hot water. They enjoy nature, which sometimes will come in and visit them.  He sent me several photographs of these "Cabin Guests" and I was delighted by his stories of how they entertained him.

This painting has taken me over a year. I wanted it to be special and reflect both the quaint nature of the old colonial cabin and the inquisitive and gentle nature of the tiny visitors. The feather quill pen and fountain pen show the progression of time as the camera reflects memories captured that become history just like the cabin. The flowers and mice show how nature can make us smile.

50% of the proceeds from this painting will be donated to Old Dog Haven- a rescue that helps abandoned old dogs find loving homes.

Price: $195.
See Art Helping Animals website for link!

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